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As a fully qualified auto electrician with over 20 years of experience in the industry, I pride myself in offering a high-quality service and assisting my customers in all areas of car key technologies, steering and door locks.

Whether you have lost your car key, need a spare, or have locked your steering and are unable to drive your vehicle, I can help.

In my many years working as an auto electrician I have been able to help hundreds of customers get out of tricky situations quickly and without any added stress.

A mishap like losing or breaking a key is unpredictable, and therefore when it happens, it can be an expense you are not prepared for.

I always strive to not only work efficiently but also provide competitive prices that are a fraction of your traditional car manufacturer. As a professional I also guarantee quality parts and a full warranty on all sets of keys supplied to you.

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Spare Keys

Need a spare key for your car but don’t want to pay the manufacturer prices? I can cut, program and supply your spare key at a fraction of the cost and have it to you quickly.

I am able to provide keys for a wide variety of makes and models and ensure that you have exactly what you need, within your time frame and budget.

Lost Keys

There is nothing worse than losing your key and realizing you don’t have a spare. But don’t worry, if you find yourself in an all keys lost situation, I can help you. There is no need to wait long manufacturer times for a replacement as I can arrange a new one for you, along with any additional keys, quickly and affordably.

I can also give you some advice on what to do if your lost key is programmed, so that it is no longer able to start the vehicle if it is found by anyone other than you.

Smart Keys

With technology changing at a rapid rate, even our car keys are becoming more and more advanced. Smart key technology eliminates the need for a traditional metal key for entry and start-up of the vehicle. You can simply get started with the push of a button.

While the technology is great, it can become quite expensive, particularly if you need additional sets or to have one replaced. I am able to assist you with additional or replacement smart keys for most makes and models with a fast turnaround time.

Flip Keys

Flip keys are a common modern key type these days, and consist of a switch blade that can be hidden away when you aren’t using it, a transponder chip and a remote control to unlock your doors.

If you need a replacement flip key for your car or want additional sets made for spares, I can arrange everything you need and get it to you quickly.

Same Day Service

My priority is my customers and giving you peace of mind and efficient service means that you are able to get your car on the road and back to business quickly with minimal inconvenience.

I strive to offer same day turnaround on key replacements where possible in order to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency. For same day service, give me a call so we can discuss the best option for you.

Mobile Service

If you have lost your car key and need it replaced or you are having issues with steering or door locks, then it may be difficult to visit the workshop directly. This is why I am happy to offer a mobile service, in order to give you peace of mind and ensure that you can access your car and get your keys replaced conveniently.

If you require a mobile call out, then please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss your issue, location and arrange a suitable time.

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If you've lost your car key, need a spare, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact me today!

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